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Forensic Art

Every person deserves a name.  Every lost person deserves equal opportunity to find their way home.  America’s Unidentified, while technically found, remain lost as they have no identities.   It’s important to do all we can for each of these victims.  One of the many ways Can You Identify Me helps America’s Unidentified find their families is through forensic art.  When found, many of these people have endured all types of weather and varying types of death. Some are not found for years, even decades. 

This limits law enforcement's ability to match an image of a missing person with their remains.  We have heard directly from the families that while searching for their lost loved ones, they feel it’s hard to see only profile data, which limits their ability to determine if that could be their child, sibling, parent, cousin or spouse.  A face with the profile data helps the family through their devastating search.  Restoring an image back to the deceased allows them a better chance at becoming identified. 

To that end, Can You Identify Me offers free forensic art services to law enforcement agencies who otherwise may not be able to afford them. 

We believe it's important to keep the focus on America's Unidentified. 

One of the best ways we help is by restoring images to them, one victim at a time. 


National Awareness 

Once a victim has a reconstruction (sketch/bust) it's time to reach out to the world.  A face is great, but without proper exposure it once again limits a victim's chance of identification.  Can You Identify Me works hard to make sure each victim gains exposure through online and other forms of media. 

We provide:

Original first-person narratives featuring America’s Unidentified. 

Profile page for each unidentified victim featured. 

Walls of the Unidentified containing reconstructions (sketches/busts) by artists around the country.

A flyer campaign that features America’s recently unidentified as well as colder cases.

A media department working with cold case investigators, allowing us to reach all the right avenues to gain these victims the exposure they deserve through local, national and international coverage.


Direct Family Assistance 

We make ourselves available to the families whenever they need assistance.  If a family member has recently lost a loved one and needs guidance, we will be here for them and provide them with the tools and resources they need.  For those family members who are all too familiar with the painful journey, we are here to lend support, provide direction, resources, or match assistance. Wherever the family members are on this journey, we’ll be here for them.




All programs provided by Can You Identify Me are 100% free to the families and to qualifying law enforcement around the United States.  


Case Submission 

If you have an unidentified victim cold case that needs a reconstruction or a victim that already has forensic art but needs exposure, please contact our office by emailing submit@canyouidentifyme.org or calling 702-462-7243.



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