Can You Identify Me? is a nonprofit dedicated to America’s Unidentified. 

Thousands of people have died in America and we don’t know their names. They are labeled John and Jane Doe. Some are buried in pauper’s graves; some remain on shelves in coroner’s offices throughout the country. They are America’s Unidentified.

Team CYIM is working to bring forth a whole new dimension that will make a positive impact toward resolution of America's Unidentified. 






America’s Unidentified are children, the elderly, farm workers, bankers, musicians, athletes, homeless, wealthy, male, female.  They are found in towns and cities like yours and mine. They come from all walks of life, all religions, and all stages of life.  There's no discrimination when it comes to America’s Unidentified.  Help us help those who can no longer help themselves. ~~    Rebel J. Morris, Executive Director 



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